Install the plasma environment gnome

Hello, I am new. I installed garuda gnome. I would like to install the plasma environment. Do you know how to do or I just have to reinstall garuda kde plasma?

Hi there, welcome.
The second option.
Technically, more than one desktop environment can be installed, especially using different users, but this would be very high-risk to become unstable and you'll not receive official support for such a customized environment.


Thank you very much for your quick response. One last question, what is the difference between the 3 Garuda KDE Dr460nized ?

KDE Dragonized Edition
KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition
KDE Dragonized BlackArch Edition

Thanks a lot

The second is just adding some more gaming options on top of the first. The same thing could be anyway done manually adding from the first. I'd say, use the second only if you're really interested in gaming, otherwise the first.
BlackArch is for ethical hacking, penetration testing, etc.
It is again based on the first one, but adding the BlackArch repos. BlackArch is a well-known distro for those aspects.
This should be used only by experienced users, as ethical hacking can be quite complex. Not really a game to play with...


Unrelated but BlackArch is awesome. More familiar with Kali though lol

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