Install software like I do in ubuntu from snapcraft

How can I install softwares as I do in ubuntu from
I've tried their documentation
Installing snap on Arch Linux | Snapcraft documentation

But it is not installed.
Showing error:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Mount snap "core" (10823) ([start snap-core-10823.mount] failed with exit status 1: Job failed. See "journalctl -xe" for details.

Any solution for that?

How can I install softwares as I do in ubuntu from

Most applications are available on the AUR. You can use some helpers like yay, pamac to make your life easy.

Any solution for that?

Did you run all the commands?

See "journalctl -xe" for details.

Did you check the logs by running the command?

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Garuda is not "proper Arch" and is not officially supported by Snapcraft.
I have just tried this myself, and snap is not behaving properly.

I did not get the same error as you, snap seemed to install just fine.
I then installed the "hello-world" app.

/snap/bin was not added to my path.
I had to:

 set -Ua fish_user_paths /snap/bin

There seems to be a problem with Snap CORE as well.
I've had to modify /etc/os-release as per this post:

Which just led to even more weird behavior by snap.

I know it's not what you want to hear but maybe stick with Flatpak or AUR for now and ask the people at snapcraft to add support for Garuda variant.

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Why in the name of god would you use snap when you've got the AUR? :crazy_face:


There is an application in AUR which you would like to see in our repo, just ask nicely and itll be added btw :wink:
No need for Snaps, ever. If there is a Snap exclusive application it might be time to switch to an alternative :smiley:

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Sandboxing, or maybe they just feel more comfortable using snaps while they learn pacman, amongst many other reasons. AUR is not a replacement for AppImage, Flatpak or Snap.

After all, Linux was built on a foundation of "choice".
Why make fun of people for what they choose to do?

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I am curious why you prefer the other packages.
Is it because building the package is a hassle, or because I don't like the time it takes to do so?
In any case, I support the AUR, because with Paru, you can handle the AUR at the same time as other pacman packages.

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This is the reason why Chaotic-AUR (our repo) exists btw, to build applications which require a lot of time to be built for you so you dont have to worry about it :smiley:


I don't think anyone is intentionally doing this. It should be understood that Arch linux (and garuda is no different) is based on the idea of privacy and control of your system. Snaps are considered a cardinal sin due to the fact that they send telemetry back to canonical. Not even mint agrees with this practice and snaps are not present as a result. There is a fine line between convenience and security.
If you walked into burger king and ordered a big mac people would look at you strangely. It is really no different here.


You're right :blush: I am very grateful for the maintenance you always do to meet our needs :star2:


I did that. And the m-f'ers walked across the street to McDs and got me one. I guess they figured it was the only way to get the scruffy biker and his big motorcycle out of their drive-thru.

Man, those were the good old days!


I backed over a Harley once, I hope it was not yours. lol


Had it been, you would have known. :wink:

EDIT: I always picture a car hung-up on 800 lbs of steel. :wink:


I'm not making fun. I respect choice and free will, the best aspect of using Linux. I was just trying to understand the reasoning behind that choice.

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I have to disagree.

I've been using Arch since 2004 and I don't recall it ever being based on privacy.
In fact, the AUR is the complete opposite since anyone can inject malicious code into a package and unless you audit every single thing you install from there you would never know.

Privacy is why Obscurix exists.

Among other distros like Tails and Whonix.

And as for Mint not including Snap, it was not because of telemetry, they were butthurt about chromium, and I quote:

"Ubuntu is planning to replace the Chromium [Google's open-source browser and foundation for Chrome] repository package with an empty package, which installs the Chromium Snap. In other words, as you install APT [Debian's program for installing and managing DEB files] updates, Snap becomes a requirement for you to continue to use Chromium and installs itself behind your back. This breaks one of the major worries many people had when Snap was announced and a promise from its developers that it would never replace APT.
A self-installing Snap Store which overwrites part of our APT package base is a complete NO-NO. It's something we have to stop and it could mean the end of Chromium updates and access to the Snap store in Linux Mint."

Which a lot of people actually criticized Mint for, and seems to be all for naught since distros are now dumping Chromium because google is removing the ability to use google services from the code.

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It is different. Linux is not a McDonalds or Burger King. I think you're analogy is wrong. Linux is more like a Warehouse where you can order anything you like, like a giant food court.
The foundation of GNU/Linux is "choice".

In fact, Bedrock Linux does just that.

Bedrock Linux is a meta Linux distribution which allows users to mix-and-match components from other, typically incompatible distributions. Bedrock integrates these components into one largely cohesive system.

For example, one could have:

    Debian's stable coreutils
    Arch's cutting edge kernel
    Void's runit init system
    A pdf reader with custom patches automatically maintained by Gentoo's portage
    A font from Arch's AUR
    Games running against Ubuntu's libraries
    Business software running against CentOS's libraries

All at the same time and working together mostly as though they were packaged for the same distribution.

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The best option for you is Ubuntu, why do users like you think you have the right to demand a Arch based distro become a Ubuntu clone
Its like demanding ford use a Bugatti Virion engine, is it not Windows is Windows, Ubuntu is Ubuntu, both are corporate companies. Garuda is Arch Linux community based keep them like that


OMFG, if you all would take a minute off and quit bashing the knows-no-better newcomer to Garuda. You'll attract more flies with honey than vinegar. :frowning:


Nope. It is like asking Bugatti virion use old ford engine :grin:

First thing, it is not "bashing". Secondly, if we won't do that, he would simply keep using snap. Not only it would stop him from beholding Arch Linux beauty, but he would also become dependent on others and will develop a habit of spoon feeding. Lastly, this will also waste our time.

Are we earning anything? Do we take any kind of donations? We develop and maintain this project not to

But to encourage usage of GNU/Linux among people and help them to develop more and more computer knowledge and interest.

And I think that you are here with same purpose :grin:


Nope, I'm entirely user-centric. Garuda, however, is distribution-centric. Big difference. And you, my friend, should strive to be Lord of The Flies Files! :wink: