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So, I have an old chromebook which I wanted to install Garuda Linux. It worked pretty well. But, I wanted toinstall it on my microSD due to my chromebook only having 16GB of eMMC storage. However, Garuda Linux doesn't allow this but other operating systems like EndeavourOS have done this fine.

have you tried installing it from the iso to the sd card
or you trying it as just a live usb

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Installing it from the live usb.

so you want to make it persistent
if so google or woogle there you will see how to make a persistant usb

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Not what I mean. I'm trying to install TO the microSD and using the calamares installer from another flash drive. Other OS can do this fine.

if the sd card is not large enough it wont

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just to clarify, the microsd is 64gb, and i can install garuda on a 16gb emmc.

Where is the Problem?
Got to

or read

Our distro is optimized for performance on real hardware. Not on

or micro SD cards.

Sorry, but just use what works on your hardware.


Consider this a great mercy. I've run tiny little Debian systems off of SD cards--headless ones even--and they always run badly until I get them on the metal. They are super slow, performance is choppy, and the system is doomed to have a short lifespan because SD cards cannot suffer many writes compared to a real disk.

It would be a disgrace to relegate Garuda Linux to such a fate.

Your aspirations for this hardware should be more modest (you can't squeeze blood from a stone). Maybe you can install DietPi, or SailfishOS or something else very simple and light.


Got it to work using dd command Working well.

I mark it solved. :slight_smile:

Have fun.

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So, after doing this, the calamares installer allows installing on this device. Now it’s even faster (faster than the eMMC!) I’m loving the experience with lxqt garuda.

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As with really anything, just make sure to keep a backup of anything important. MicroSD cards aren't designed for frequent read-writes. This is more important for servers that are logging constantly, but do be aware that your card will not last as long as an SSD or a HDD that are designed for that type of use.

Stay awesome! :slight_smile:

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