Install of Dragonized, black screen just welcome box

I have used Garuda Dragonized a while before, many months ago. Problem is, i am trying to return but it seems everything just refuses to work on my favor. Attempted several installs to no avail. Different versions. Nothing. The log in screen goes well, then it simply pulls up a black screen, somehow boots the welcome menu. And then nothing. I cant open apps, cant interact, cant even open the terminal. Im stuck staring at the welcome box until i power off my computer. Forced to do so via power button since no task bar even shows up.
Dragonized is my favorite distro. I want to use it again.
Any advice would help.

I have ensured secure boot and fast boot are disabled in bios.

Hi @CandyCatVibe , you can share garuda-inxi from the live cd (usb) session, reply and share it using ctrl + e and paste it .

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By default, KDE uses wayland, try switching to x11 in the login screen at the bottom left and log in.


Are you trying to use an existing /home and users ?
If so, with Plasma, in some cases, deleting the /home/$USER/.Xauthority has solved this.
Not sure it applies to Garuda and Wayland but it does not hurt to check it out.

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Create a new user account and log into that to see any difference.



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