Install keeping old /home partition ext4

Hello, I'm now running arch derivate with /home partition ext4
I'd like to install Garuda Linux BTRFS and wondering how to deal with old /home partition, just mounting as usually or back-up to external disk, format the whole disk and create just one new partition BTRFS?

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Yes rescue on external disk, I have two to be on secure side :slight_smile:
Delete then old partition in calamares, installer do the rest.
/@ , /@home, /@... ...

Or better use gparted before. :slight_smile:




Or this. Your choice.

BTRFS + Timeshift only works with system restoration, not data. There are, however, similar applications that do either/both. BTRFS + Timeshift work like System Restore points in Windows, something that has always been lacking in Linux. And this feature works--I've tried it. :wink:

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Welcome to Garuda Linux.

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Well, not by default anyways. You could set timeshift to back up your entire home partition and it's data as well but that's not its intended purpose and not recommended.

Backing up your dot files in $HOME is a good idea though. Timeshift has an easily settable option for that if you want that feature.

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Nope, not by default, and a very, very bad idea. :wink:

From the Timeshift github:

"Timeshift is similar to applications like rsnapshot, BackInTime and TimeVault but with different goals. It is designed to protect only system files and settings. User files such as documents, pictures and music are excluded.

Note : It is not recommended to include user data in backups as it will be overwritten when you restore the snapshot."

These are quotes from teejee2008's GitHub site:

As I'm sure you are aware, @librewish is the AUR maintainer for Timeshift. How cool is that! :smiley: