Install failure at the very end. GRUB Install

Garuda Dragonized installs and works flawlessly on my laptop, but I am not a gamer and relatively new to full-time linux. The issue I am wondering about is not only for this laptop, but also happened on a higher end desktop. I wanted to try a different flavor of Garuda, ie, Cinnamon, and XFCE, but they both boot, install, but when it is finishing the install at the end, I get a failure box popping up about installing GRUB failure and cannot complete the install and reboot. What is causing this on the computers, but Dragonized and Gamer editions are fine? What is causing and how do I fix the installation error to try those two DE's? Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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The exact error message would be important, as well as the name of the ISO.

The configuration of the display manager was incomplete?
Does the ISO use lightdm?
Kernel version?
Do the computers have Nvidia GPUs?
Am I missing the garuda-inxi? Yes :frowning:


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