Install error

Trying to install garuda on my friends pc and this issues pops up. Sorry I don't have coppied text. Since it's on my friends pc.

Explain the problem. And share screenshot of Partitions.

Just the error image and nothing else. Try to list all possible solutions so I can try it at once. I had same issue. I solved it by trying different permutations and combinations of partitions.

I have a possible solution. Creating a /boot partition with ext4. Cuz my install probably worked when I kept my main partition as ext4.

Calamares can only install a os on primary partition

It cannot install on a extended partition


Are the partitions valid then? Once I remove extended partition

On ms dos partition layout there can only be 4 primary partitions


Well you can use a hex editor and manually edit your partition tables to create more, but I wouldn't recommend it as it's not very stable.

I think I have manually created up to 7 primary partitions in the past. Gave up on Multi-booting ages ago, just not worth it.

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Finally got it working by making a single ext4 partition with mbr. That was stressful but I never gave up. Kept trying all permutations and combinations.


Thats how Linux is learned best - trial & error :crazy_face:
Glad you solved it :+1: