Instalattion issues

HI im new to garuda im trying to install garuda dragonized gaming i made a bootable usb using etcher inside mint linux i have hp laptop with 10th gen i5 10300h 8gb ram and gtx 1650 hybrid graphics card when i try to boot live install it just shows a completly black screen no matter if i use open source drivers or nvidia i tried cntrl alt f2 but nothing comes up just a solid black screen any help would be truly appreciated

Well i tried everything you said after hours of messing with it was something simple i pluged in an external monitor and thats all it was the whole time laptop screen was just black dunno what caused that but after plugging in external monitor i got video and am able to procced with instalation i refused to give up im new to linux but garuda gaming looks amazing cant wait to see how it goes thanks for recomending me something to try tho