Initial Wayfire setting

After experiencing some problem in Garuda Welcome App, Settings tab as described here, and investigating things, it turns out that the initial setup of the Wayfire DE may not be complete.

At least that is my view because of the following:

in /usr/share/garudawelcome/scripts/ there is a script that has never run on my system. I would expect this to have run during setup.

I will run this script manually now and see what will happen...

The gdm wayland toggle is supposed to work on GNOME, doesnt the app tell that?

The gdm wayland toggle isn't even shown in the Garuda Welcome App on my system...

I dont really get why you want to run GDM related settings on Wayfire since another display manager is used afaik? Wayfire runs on Wayland anyway :thinking:

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Sorry, my bad. I thought it was GDM being used as Display Manager. Turns out, it is greetd

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