Incredibly high RAM usage

Before I use Garuda, I use ArchLinux with KDE. In normal days, I open firefox, telegram and WhatsApp desktop, my RAM usage is apx 1.7GB. But I switch to Garuda, and the RAM usage when I open up same applications, It went to 4.8 GB or more. In that case, firefox take up to 800+MB of RAM and latte-dock itself use like 300~400MB of RAM. I know Garuda uses alot of RAM to optimize the performance, but is this normal?
My latte dock layout is just distro default + event calendar and latte sidebar button on top panel, show desktop on bottom dock, and a on demand panel on the right with notification and system monitor sensor applet on it.

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refer to

Also, Garuda Linux has the philosophy "unused ram is wasted ram"
It uses ram to improve on regular system performance.
However, if you do an intensive task(such as gaming) it will immediately dump that and focus on the intensive task.

My PC with 32 GB of ram, for example, often hovers around 8000-9000 MB(in paleofetch) with only a few browser windows open. Of course that data is not entirely accurate(

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OK, now I know this is normal. But how can I know how much RAM did latte-dock exactly use?



My ... It is using 634MB RAM! Is this normal? I don't think this is normal when the dock is using so much of RAM that it shouldn't even possibly use.

╭─[email protected] in ~ took 78ms
╰─λ oom-sort | rg latte-dock
22             0  1000    2937 latte-dock        354 M      0 M /usr/bin/latte-dock

Seems to be pretty standart. In fact Latte holds all plasmoids instead of Plasma so I never bothered with RAM usage :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


OK... So it is standard. Thanks for help from all of you.

I just turned mine on, so RAM usage is still pretty low. I like to see things going on and I'll use bpytop just as a nice overview. I'm on Arch, and run a pretty basic setup, with no plasmoids or anything really, and my latte is at 179mb. I could definitely see 600+ though if you have a lot going on. It's also nice to see where my "RAM" is, where neofetch would just show like 9GB used, this will break it down better visually if you like that.


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It looks way too big :rofl:

Start System Activity (Ctrl+Esc) and set view mode to Tree view. It may answer some of your worries.


It just happens to be full screen. I use khronkite or whatever it's called for window tiling in kde. Works like i3 except I'm lazy, and I get all the greatness of plasma still.

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