Inclusion of hddtemp in ISO releases

I noticed on both KDE Multimedia and Dr460nized non-gaming (don't know about the others) that hddtemp is not part of them but sensors is.

It would be interesting to have hddtemp already packaged and running as a daemon/service.
It would be even more interesting if the default Conky config would include it, along with the other temp readings is has now.

I agree it's not that complicated to setup but I think it's logical and consistent with what is already included in the releases. In the end (sorry I don't understand why "releases. In" shows as URL?), Garuda is already steps ahead of other distros, but every reason to stay ahead could be good. :grinning:

What's your thinking about this potential request?

nOPE :wink:

What you like is for hundred other bloat.

Correct, here you go :slight_smile: . in
release .de / release . de
Interesting :smiley:


release. in


.... releases. In......


Unneeded too often these days. Sensors can handle the whole job for many things (like nvme drives! :grin:) On an older machine I still have it ${exec}'ing - but it could so easily be called bloat for others...

I've never seen sensors (lm_sensors) show SSD temp, but that's fine, there is bloat in every distro, everyone is different in their needs.

Well - now you can!

Sensor output
┌12:18:10 WD= [~]
└───[email protected] ─▶$ sensors
Adapter: PCI adapter
Composite:    +39.9°C  (low  = -60.1°C, high = +89.8°C)
                       (crit = +94.8°C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
vddgfx:        1.06 V  
fan1:        1198 RPM  (min =    0 RPM, max = 4500 RPM)
edge:         +41.0°C  (crit = +94.0°C, hyst = -273.1°C)
power1:       47.03 W  (cap = 135.00 W)

Adapter: PCI adapter
Tctl:         +56.2°C  
Tdie:         +56.2°C  
Tccd1:        +37.0°C  

┌13:51:31 WD= [~]
└───[email protected] ─▶$ 



${execi 1 sensors | grep 'Composite:' | cut -c 16-17}°C

It depends on your setup I guess. :grin:

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I guess that only applies to NVMes, but standard 2.5" SSDs don't show in sensors. I have a rack and swap/remove/reinstall disks, that doesn't work with NVMes. :frowning:
Interesting to see AMDGPUs show up, though! :slight_smile: Maybe inboard GPU and not external card. Anyway like I said that's fine as it is. :slight_smile:

sudo hddtemp /dev/sdb
/dev/sdb: Corsair Force GT: 31°C
${execi 60 hddtemp /dev/sdb | cut -c 11-50}${color1} ${alignr}${execi 60 smartctl -d ata -A /dev/sdb | grep -i Power_On_Hours | cut -c 88-92} Std. Betriebszeit

You must allow hddtemp work as sudo (not recommended) IIRC I use it in Mint ??? many many years ago.

But maybe @freebird54 , the conky hacker, know a solution. :slight_smile:

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I am able to run hddtemp without sudo, too bad I'm not on my awesome Garuda machine right now, but you have to chmod +s or chown +s, can't recall... I can look that up tonight and post back as future reference if anyone uses hddtemp and wants info.

Normally just $hhdtemp in Conky should work, as it's an integrated command in Conky.

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One method is to chmod +s /bin/hddtemp - but it is a bit ugly! Better to use the internal one if needed and working! Most of sensors is available from hwmon in conky as well - if you can find it and the right arguments...

Sometimes it just seems simpler to ${exec} something and get on with it! :grin:

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