Include xdotool in Dr406nized edition ISO file

This is a request to include the xdotool package in the Garuda Linux KDE Dr460nized Edition ISO file. It comes pre-installed in the KDE Dr460nized Gaming Edition. This package enable the user to emulate keyboard shortcuts, etc. It would also give the user the abilty to use the 3 - finger left and right gestures(libinput-gestures) which emulates the alt+right & alt-left keyboard shortcuts respectively(xdotool is also an optional dependency for libinput-gestures)

its already included via input-devices-support metapkg
just update your system


Actually, I have already downloaded the xdotool package manually...
Shouldn't it be included in the packages list?

from next isos
existing users will still get it through update

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Thank you for your support and your valuable time

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