In gdisk what exactly does 8308 & 8309 do

In (s/c)gdisk what exactly does 8308(Dm-Crypt) do? I understand FDE/cryptsetup but what's the purpose for that partition type, 8200(swap) automatically identifies that part as a swap partition, ef00 EFI is automatically identified as EFI boot etc. DmCrypt part doesn't seem to do anything different, which is a shame seeing as I think it would be useful if it told grub, refind, SysLinux etc. That it's an encrypted partition, so it automatically asks for a password or file. Also is there a difference encrypting 8308 or even 8309 (luks) for that matter, compared to say encrypting 8300(Linux filesystem), 8304(x86-64 root Part)

There is no manual about it? :thinking:

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