Improve battery life?

I am using the KDE lite version. I understand garuda has performance tweaks, but is there a good way to improve battery life for a laptop aside from just changing screen brightness/ sleep timeout?
On Ubuntu I was using "slimbook battery" and it gave me drastically better battery life even compared to windows. I found TLP but it has a conflict with something, not sure if removing it is safe.

Actually, even though performance orientated quite good battery life is achieved by using autocpu-freq. This way the governor is not running at full power all the time.

Linux kernel: 5.9.12-97-tkg-bmq
Procesor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300M CPU @ 2.60GHz
Cores: 4
Architecture: x86_64
Driver: intel_cpufreq

------------------------------ Current CPU states ------------------------------

CPU max frequency: 2600 MHz
CPU min frequency: 800 MHz

	 Usage  Temperature  Frequency
CPU0:	 15.5%     55 °C     2594 MHz
CPU1:	  5.0%     55 °C     2579 MHz
CPU2:	 12.1%     58 °C     2594 MHz
CPU3:	  7.9%     58 °C     2594 MHz

---------------------------- CPU frequency scaling ----------------------------

Battery is: discharging

Setting to use: "schedutil" governor

Total CPU usage: 5.8 %
Total system load: 0.68

Load optimal, setting turbo boost: off


			"auto-cpufreq" refresh in: 2

As tlp isn't an option with Garuda I guess you could try powertop if you wanted to test it out:


Powertop has no chill if you want to try it. It will turn everything it can off whether it's in use or not. I've had bad performance and things not working when I tried to enable everything in powertop. Namely the usb mouse disconnecting and voice calls not working properly because the microphone was also being turned off. I understand there are workarounds for it but thats what you need to know if you want to try it out.

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The reason why we frown upon necrobumping old posts is that things change quickly on a rolling distro. When this thread was created it was not possible to install tlp on Garuda. That is no longer the case and tlp may now be used as a power manager if desired.


Oh, sorry. I realized it was 4 months old after I added my reply and the header appeared saying "4 months later" . I will try to only stick to the new link from now on.