Importing passwords and bookmarks in Firedragon

I like the Firedragon browser but wondering if it is possible to import passwords and bookmarks from Firefox. The "import bookmarks" option does not work.

I am getting this message: *No programs that contain bookmarks. history, or password data could be found. *


In what way?


What ever I do I am getting the same message.

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You can export bookmarks from Firefox and then import it into FireDragon manually.

The same thing with Logins/Passwords (I haven't tried it as no longer use Lockwise. Hope this should work in FireDragon as well):

  1. Do as directed in this solution in FireDragon.
  2. Open Firefox and export your logins.
  3. In FireDragon go to about:logins and then import them.

Thanks for referring to the solution.
The import option was disabled by default. This worked perfectly.

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