Im new to linux in genral. how should i start?

hey so i tryed solus 4.2 before and had the worst time of my life with it. every was going fine when after one day i booted up my laptop to hop on steam and boom black screen. i had to borrow someone elses pc to save my laptop. i was really paranoid of linux in general at that point. then i found garuda.
it looks amazing and has everything that a person who wants the most performance could ask for. the one thing is how can i side load (dualboot) win and garuda linux with each other? the only reason why i wouldnt switch fully over yet since i play a few game that has kernel anti cheat and i dont think you can do that on linux.




thank you so much :slight_smile: installing the iso rn

also, now that i see dual boot is not supported, i wont dual boot. so is there anything i need to change when installing
as well. does the installer have a option that removes win10 from the disk?

Just read.

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Welcome to the forum! Here are some sites that I got from various experts here, that I'm plowing through to read through & study:

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When you install Garuda LInux, there is an option to remove all contents of the hard drive. I followed this video to install mine to replace my Win10: Garuda Linux review & installation guide by Linux Tex

thank you!

But don't delete your storage location whare your data is (eg stuff for your games?) by mistake.

So you decided a bloody-edged, rolling-release distribution was what you needed? Look, I don't want to burst your bubble, but what Garuda offers come at a price. The price is being able to, for the most part, be self-solving when it comes to common problems.

Dual-booting with Windows is a common problem, or seems to cause a lot of help requests. Typically, Windows is the culprit. Therefore, Garuda does not support dual-booting with Windows.

That doesn't mean you can't do so--it's very easy. It means that if problems arise with your dual-boot system, you're on your own. You won't receive any "official" support from Garuda. Such help requests are typically dustbinned by forum staff.

I don't want to steer you away from Garuda. If you are confident and competent enough with Linux (or willing to do the work to become so) that you believe you can setup and self-support a dual-boot system with Windows/Garuda, then by all means please go ahead.

If not, then I would suggest a less bloody-edged distribution where, maybe, dual-booting is supported. Our The team at Garuda is very small and very involved in developmental work. Forum staff time is limited to help requests that are supported (although some kind soul may possibly provide a little direction).

A lot of newcomers to Linux or Arch-based distributions view their installation and maintenance as a valuable learning experience and a good way to gain general Linux competency. I have seen pre-teens install, maintain, and troubleshoot a by-the-wiki hand-installed Arch Linux system by themselves. It was their very first Linux distribution. Some of them use Garuda.

Many of us believe anyone with a willingness to learn, do their own research and become self-solvers can become competent with Linux in general, and Arch/Arch-based systems in particular. Even when dual-booting. By the way, Arch and Garuda both offer fine Wikis.

As far as gaming support in Garuda, all that I can say is that Garuda has a specific Gaming Edition of Dragonized KDE, although any of the editions can very easily be upgraded to a gaming platform. Questions about support of specific games are better left to Google or after you complete a Garuda installation. We do not, however, support cheats or cheating in any manner in these forums. Most Linux forums don't. Such questions are better asked elsewhere.

Other than all that, Welcome to Garuda Linux!