I'm late, but here is my introducction

Hello everybody,

I'm Galán (surname / alias), I study Computer Engineering in Málaga, and honestly, I don't remember when or where I discovered Garuda Linux, but I think I've been using it for about 5 months, so I'm very happy about this discovery.

During these years of career I became fond of Linux and I started using an Ubuntu partition on my laptop, the following year I replaced it with Kali (to practice) because I started to get into the world of cybersecurity, but soon after I decided to install Garuda and I ended up doing it on all my computers, as its only OS: quite happy with the decision :smiling_imp:

I've been reading stuff on the forum all this time, but never got around to introducing myself; so after looking up some questions and not having abandoned Garuda Linux since then, I think it's a good time :joy:

Thanks developers for your work.
And to everyone else, I hope you have a nice day.

P.D: I haven't spoken English for a long time, so maybe it's a little noticeable... :sweat_smile:


Welcome to Garuda, and your English is very good. :+1:


welcome from the UK


Hey!!! Welcome to garuda linux mate!