[Idea] Voting poll - research Garuda variants popularity

Idea number one: If we find what Garuda variant (desktop enviroment or display manager) is most popular, developers could focus effort and save time.

Idea number two: Simple poll about stability, if someone have issues with exactly one package. It could be list of packages with two option voting (Yes, i have issue or no, i haven't issue). Great oportunity get overview data about Garuda distro. How much stable it is. Research could be make every month.

Could be do it with Google forms. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would be intrested in finding out the verisons that are used by the diiferent Garuda users
BTW I use i3 :sunglasses:

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I tried them all. :shushing_face:


I tried them all also. And always switching back to dragonized KDE :slight_smile:


Thank you for suggestion.

But the problem is not everyone would like to take part in poll. Only ~5-6 % or less may take part in such polls.

And we are not interested in Google forms at all.

We will set up a download counter to count downloads per de, and I may create form, if the problem intensifies. But it is not worth it right now.


I installed "Barebones Edition" with KDE which is my favourite DE.

The idea of the poll is nice. :grinning:

Wouldn't mind seeing an Openbox Edition in Garuda. I'm using KDE+Openbox in my 2nd Distro which is vanilla Debian Stable. I always install 2 Distros. One Rolling ( usually Arch/Manjaro/Endeavour and now Garuda ) and One fixed ( usually Debian/MX ). I loved the Manjaro Openbox Edition in the past.

Hope to try the Wayfire Edition in the future. Looks interesting.

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Use RecBox :smiley:
its OpenBox with extras :slight_smile:


Didn't know that. Thanks. Will give it a try. :grinning: The website says it isn't fully suited to be used as daily driver. Why is that?

Where did you read that?

Read again carefully

Maybe I misunderstood. :sweat_smile:

@Naman Okay, it was only idea, but thank you for answer. Download counter sounds like best solution.

@subluminal I love Barebones edition, simple stock KDE Plasma feel, looks like Arch, but much easier to install with some nice tools. I simply love this edition.

btw: LXQt-Kwin should be interesting for gamers, they could get really amazing performance with this lightweight Garuda variant. But gaming on KDE still amazing, better than other distros, because Garuda generally focus to performance.


Hope I'm not crossing the line here but has anyone checked out the online installer from ArchLabs? The small download ISO is standard for all DM and WM and everything else is downloaded online. I have very slow Internet but can install in 15 min. ( likely should have started a new thread )


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