Icons within app missing

Icons within apps are missing and are replaced by words and using snapshots to roll back to a previous version does not fix this problem, i just wanna check if anyone else faces a similar problem and is it common, cos from searching online I couldn't find anywhere specifying this problem either that or I don't know what to search. Really would appreciate any help, thanks !

All apps, or some specific?


Only some apps

Applications from the repository, or random third-party applications you have downloaded (like "youtube-music-desktop-app-linux-x64")?

Can you provide specific examples of the applications that have an issue, where you obtained them from, and how you installed or are running them?


It also has problems with apps downloaded from aur too . Even the apps "youtube-music-desktop-app-linux-x64" initially displayed the icons correctly but after a while (~2 weeks) it just reverted to words and reinstall from the GitHub doesn't make it appear again. So that's why I suspect it might be a system problem because it initially displayed correct but isn't displaying now.

This means you have done something, that broke them.

Respond to what info you are requested to provide.

For each app, provide pacman info

pacman -Qi <app-package-name>

Heh guys really thankful for the troubleshooting help hut I decided to give up and nuked the is install and reinstalled the os cos it was a fairly new install. And everything works now even after installing all the files I did previously so I don't know really know what broke the install but heh it works now , sorry for the trouble.

Well no, naturally it wouldn’t unless you have specifically backed up your user configuration files as well. Timeshift is not a full backup solution, it merely restores your root system configuration files (not your user’s).

Unless you start implementing a proper backup routine this won’t be the last time you reinstall. If you’d only had your system installed a short period of time before you messed it up, it likely won’t be long till this happens again.

You really never learn anything from reinstalling, so this will likely be a regular occurrence until you learn how your system actually works. Either that, or you at least learn how to restore something you messed up from a proper backup.

Timeshift does not restore your home directory by default, so your user data is unprotected. You need to learn to do proper backups to an external drive.

Good luck.