I want to delete garuda linux completely while garuda linux is only primary ( single) os

I am using garuda linux as my primary os. Not dual boot. Garuda linux is in single boot in my pc. How to remove garuda linux and boot to another os? Please help me.

The sledgehammer is the Department Of Defence 100% guaranteed unrecoverable way of removing an OS.

Now that I think of it, the sledgehammer is my tool of choice for most demolition projects.

Of course as always YMMV, and don't try this without proper protective equipment on. :rofl:


will probably, however, conflict with the goal of


Take the OS of your choice, they have support-forums, too, and ask there. In general: The same way you have installed Garuda, you can install any other OS. No need to "delete" the previous OS, that'll happen... naturally.