I want to ask Garuda community to suggest top Books for beginners for linux development

Plzz suggest top books for linux development for beginners.


In my opinion, there can't be any good book for Linux/web development because by the time the book is written, published and may become famous, it gets outdated :laughing:. The best thing that helps is experience and arch wiki or some alternate websites for gaining deeper knowledge of Linux and related stuff. Some video tutorials might also help at beginning.


Its learning by doing and trial and error which teach you Linux, imho. :ok_hand:


is python or java or c++ essential or not?

Basically with all the choices these days (and this is my opinion only), nothing is essential. Program in whatever language you like/find comfortable, if you're doing this for fun/hobbyist.
If you're working professionally, your employer will probably inform you of the required languages/tools.


I agree with the others here. Hardcopy is to dated and boring to read. The net contains everything you need to know. You simply have to do some searching. My coding skills are limited, but get by with the bash I've learned from the school of hard knocks.

Just for advanced personal projects I think Python would be the most useful to learn.Just find one language that interests you and start playing with it.


Thanks to all of you guyz for suggesting me right things. And I have first introduced linux about 10 years ago when I was in school in 12th standard. And now starting linux in general use in this year . And now my interest in understanding linux is inceasing. And I thought I am lucky to have friendly community members and forum members like you to boost up my knowledge.