I’m an idiot

The fuck have I done.
This has to be one of my most “oh shite” moments as a programmer. I made something that can make my laptop function as a router, so I can use ARP spoofing to manage different devices on the network. Guess what, I forgot to code in something to type the password again. I typed too fast, and now I do not know the password to my web UI. I. Am. An. Idiot.


I guess despite this, I’m still clinically an idiot.


(The image above contains my real life name. The previous UI I posted does not contain my name)

Oh, I sense a flex

Name Security breach, must now change your real life name.

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You proved it.

You are member of society, who claims they are group of high iq people, and charges $129 + test fees for membership. Also, you are 14, while they say you must be at least 15 for membership.
And you forgot to remove your serial number from certificate.

Btw, if you programed that page, then I think you should be able to reset it.


Pretty sure this is one of many props at the local loony bin given to patients to calm them.


Yeah apologies, I am not allowed to say my RL age online. Well, I guess it outed one way than another.
What serial number? I paid for a lifetime membership lol.
I’m not able to since it is my main OS and I’m already binding an address to that IP. Unless I run on a VM which is incredibly slow, I won’t be able to reset it.

It was actually a 9$ test, I don’t know.

Keyboard interrupting the code doesn’t stop it either.

Binding to a new port won’t work either.

Only 132? That's really not that high. For code monkeys, maybe, but not REAL programmer/analysts. Even at your tender, young age.

I mean, it's okay, but nothing I'd want to post online.


I mean yeah, IQ doesn’t mean anything but the ability to perceive and retain information. 132 isn’t too high. But it’s certainly not an idiot’s intelligence score. One can only be “smart” per se by applying the information they have retained.

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They put the decimal point in the wrong place. It's actually .000132.


That's pretty damned important. Just don't be like me and retain mostly useless trivia.

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And as one enters ones advanced youth years, gaining and retaining new information means one must purge random other stored information.

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If one were to only use 10%< than maximum capacity for a human then the merit for revolving memory & storage rotation would be 90% wasted on trivial information 100% of the time.

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I don't think you're an idiot at all. In the sense of Fyodor Michailowitsch Dostoevsky, the idiot is by no means a stupid person. And with an IQ 132 you are also beyond genius or madness. So everything is fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why do you need to "bribe" to prove your smartness?

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