I love it, but there are some funny issues

So I love a lot of what garuda does, I am a game developer and Kate is a much better than codeblocks and Microsoft garbage.

Anyway, I had trouble installing, it took a day because nohang kept cancelling the install process and even the terminals to disable nohang. This is likely because my pc is old and doesnt have much ram maybe 1.6 gigs or something. But anyway I got it working after disabling no hang. I think nohang should be an option with an explanation at install for people like me.

Next the ability to modify docks is cool but it's not sound in my opinion, I have docks all over the place now and clocks in every corner, not because I want them either. And some of the stuff I pin to the dock dissapears occasionally..nohang again? I don't know. but if you want to remove an element it might be cool to have function where you click on the dock and say I dont want this here and delete it or move it to some other area. instead you get a question, do you want to add a dock? Ok, more consisely it asks you if you want to edit the panel, but which panel will be edited? I have 2 on the right one on the top and one on the bottom and I used to have one on the left but it left. A gui would be nice where you can turn panels on or off there and where it gets added is a mystery:on the side left or right, the top, both, more clocks..

Next the System monitor.. it lists all running processes and you add them up its like 10 percent of cpu, but look at overview and its running at 70-100 percent. So it's almost useless to track down whats using resources. Most system monitors have been that way for about 10 years now, there are hidden processes or something going on. In the beginning Ubuntu had a system monitor that also gave info on programs that were running, or maybe that was windows I don't remember. You right click on a running program and get info on it, who makes it, what it does..

And the last thing is file transfer progress bar, it says it will take 500 hours to transfer a 10 gigabyte folder. When any third-grader can see it will take like an hour. Then it says 2 minutes, then 4 hours, a second later it will take forever. It's totally useless except for amusement purposes, so may as well just output joke messages.. like oh no all the files are gone.. jk. This file is naughty where did you get it? These files are driving me crazy I lost count.. or make one that approximates the real time.

haha anyway there's some preliminary feedback. also as someone else said trying to figure out how to go the second desktop, it just does sometimes except for when you click on the side of the window and want it to.

the last think is the upper left portion of the desktop has a label there that gets overwritten sometimes and it's unreadable when 2 or more different texts are being displayed at the same time and place and menu items are unclickable there. That should be fixed in a patch for sure.

OK thanks for the kind consideration.

I think the only thing there that is specific to Garuda is to do with nohang, and that is happening because

Keep in mind that the download page explicitly lists minimum system requirements.

The rest is all to do with software, and none of that is written by the Garuda developers. If you don't like the way a dock or system monitor (or whatever) works then either 1) use another one or 2) complain to the upstream developers.



1st, do try to upgrade the ram. you must be using some kind of x64 processor and even the core 2 duo laptops or athlon 64 accept 3.8GB of RAM. 2x 2GB sticks should be detected even by the laptops bios...unless you are using an Atom compute stick with 2GB...

  1. Get rid of latte dock. it is nice but it takes too much ram.

  2. install custom kernel, tailored to your cpu. (available in the repos without adding anything, just install)

  3. stop or uninstall services that are bloating the KDE.

  4. use htop to show the cpu usage instead.

I have dropped the KDE ram usage to 450-500MB with enough tweaking.
but all this is exercises in futility.

for any comfortable web browsing at least 4GB.

best regards Simon


IMO you could get by with 3GB of ram if you stripped everything down for frugality, but there's no way your current ram can run a full DE with a modern browser.

You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.


That was the topic of the final exam in my college Metaphysics course. Also taught by a nun, who else?

This nun was much nicer than your run-of-the-mill nun. Considering the nature of the course she taught, I think it might have been possible she'd dropped acid before (in one lifetime or another). :wink:

Oh yeah, @Aaron, you might also look into what systemd services you might live without.

systemd-analyze blame (or analyse, if you're using British-English language settings???).

And systemd-analyze critical-chain

Ref: systemd-analyze


I can confirm that my (atom) baytrail 2-in-1 with 2GB RAM will barely run the liveUSB. Trust nohang. Either add RAM or install Garuda on a more recent computer. Garuda is made to get better performance from higher end systems. It runs great on my AMD Ryzen 4500U. My baytrail runs well enough with Mint.


Just one word: PuppyLinux :ok_hand:

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