I love coding dark, room dark, dark mode

I’m trying to code a program that can help me expose vulnerabilities in home cameras(my home camera as the test subject).
I used Kate to write the program, when I had to go urinate(nature calls..)
I stood up and looked at my PC, and boy oh boy the dark themed Garuda Linux Dragonized against my dark room was very aesthetic.
Absolutely beautiful. Great work devs! (I fixed my audio problem)


(Sorry, just you reminded me of this scene.)
(Also agree that Dr460nized is lovely dark theme.)


When I was young I found dark themes ugly as sin and couldn't understand how anyone could possibly use one. Many years later with much older and sensitive eyes I couldn't do computing without dark themes.

So for those that rant that Garuda's them is ugly, I say give it 25 or 30 years and you may be singing a different tune. :see_no_evil:


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