I lost the recycle bin

while using dolphin the first time, i accidentally got rid of all the shortcuts, and now i can't find the recycle bin. how do I get the shortcuts back? please help my storage is half-way full.

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Which shortcuts?

Its name is trash.


on the side-bar there were a few shortcuts, the desktop, downloads, basically anything in the home folder was there. there was also the trash bin, which i cannot find elsewhere

Simply open dolphin and close all tabs (using ctrl+ w or with cross icon)

Now, open dolphin again (from application menu) and you are in home folder.

You can now find trash there.


i might just be blind, but i can't seem to find the trash folder within the home folder. I tried ctrl+w, and i have also enabled hidden folders

Wait, I will turn on my pc. Maybe, I am forgetting something.

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So, yep, trash in not in home (Home is clean :wink: )

Now, all you have to do is at desktop, right click and add widget, trash.

You will get trashcan widget on desktop itself.


thank you.

storage has finally been restored

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