I have a question about the forum please

Can you guys help me? thanks
I was never given the gives back award and I qualify for it.
This badge is granted when you have 100 liked posts and give 100 or more likes in return. Thanks for paying it forward!

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I think the badge description is probably inaccurate (this is a Discourse problem, not for our specific forum): the query is based on the number of posts that have received a like, not the total number of likes received. You have currently 115 posts, so it could be that 15 of them have not received a like.

I believe that the badge will not be long in coming anyway!!! :wink:


Thanks filo!


I just want to state this for people with a similar issue that in this instance there was no bad description from discourse. I just mistook my likes with how many liked posts I have.


I'll be very blunt these reward systems for forums are stupid and childish.


I am disabled right now so this Garuda forum and the way it’s set up through discourse is my home away from home. I disagree with you wholeheartedly because this is where Garuda community can grow tight bonds but I understand where you are coming from.


:man_shrugging: Your brief warning was certainly accurate. I think with a small amount of effort you could have expressed your opinion in a less insulting way.

The badges and gamification features of Discourse are effective for reinforcing positive user behavior and increasing community engagement. I think Discourse's popularity and effectiveness speaks for itself.

If you don't care about the badges, just ignore them. There is no reason to insult people or try to spoil anyone else's fun.

I am going to close this thread before this goes any further because--speaking of things that are stupid and childish--this is a ridiculous thing to argue about.