I Freaking Love Garuda Linux

I don't like long drawn-out statements, so I will try and keep this short. I have been a Linux user since the early 2000s and a dedicated Linux Mint user since around 2007. Now I still love Mint, and run it on my main box, but I fell head over heels for Garuda and just had to have it for a daily driver. So I turned my new i7 Razer Blade 15 into my daily driver with Garuda. I Purchased a Core Chroma eGPU with GTX 1080 to power my 2 large 4k monitors and plugged it all into a DP KVM switch with my Mint box. I had to work through some eGPU issues but ultimately got it running perfectly! Over the years I have tested out countless distros and none of them have come close to pulling me in like Garuda has. You guys have done some really special work with this distro and I really hope to make it my home for the next decade or two, I hope your team plans on keeping it around that long! Anyways, thanks for the incredible work, it is truly amazing!


Welcome to the forum, seth!

Same applies for me, I came from Manjaro and have never looked back.
I'm using two monitors too, and thanks to Garuda and Latte I can finally use all panels/docks on both screens.


Nice to see another happy user.

Welcome to Garuda.


Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I am looking forward to the continued success of this awesome Distro!

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