I don't know how the feature is called :-(

I'm new user to linux/garuda, and have, what some might think, silly question, regarding lost feature, that I don't even know how to search the answer for cause I don't know how the feature is called, is there here a space for that kind of questions? Thanks

Welcome :slight_smile:

First, post your garuda-inxi
Second, maybe this can help a little?


A good description of the feature would be a good start as well :wink:


Hi there, welcome to the community!

I already moved the thread to #issues-assistance:newbies section.

Certainly. I love to play guessing games. It would be actually fun to guess the feature/app from the hints.

Don't hesitate, go ahead with hints/description.


Thank you,
it was this thing when you move your mouse to top left corner of the screen, slide it down a bit? and then it zooms out and show you all your open programs?, it was really handy. I lost it when I did the configs reset cause all my desktop effects stooped working after I try to change a global theme. Before that, I thought that restoring system from timeshift/stamp would do the trick with effects, but it didn't

P.S. sorry if I'm not using forum correctly

Right click on white point.


That was it! thank you so much

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