I can't reopen a window from the Dock if it has sub-window opened

Hi guys!

I'm a Garuda user for more than a year now, and I'm delighted with it. I experienced just a few problems that I solved thanks to your support to other users.
Unfortunately, I experience some strange behavior from day one that's annoying, but I had no time to deal with it. Long story short, every time I minimize any window with a subwindow opened, I cannot reopen it by clicking on its Latte Dock icon.

I can replicate the problem by going to "System Information", press "CTRL+Shift+," to open the configuration sub-window, and minimize the "System Information" window. Then If I click on the Latte Dock icon, nothing happens. To open (maximize) the "System Information" window, I have to switch to another Virtual Desktop, come back, and then if I click on the icon on the Dock, the window appears.

Any hint on how to solve this problem is greatly appreciated.

It's a common bug in KDE. You can report this bugs.kde.org.

As a temporary work around, pressing Alt+Tab should be able to bring it up.




Thank you very much, and thanks for the welcome!

I'll repost on bugs.kde.org.


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