I can't put a lighter theme, the interface breaks

Ok, this is probably true :(. Thanks for the support.


Changing theme in KDE is easy.

Garuda is Garuda, not M$, not Debian.

You are free to choose what you like.

Garuda (Arch Linux) does not need inexperienced users, but users who are willing to think and enjoy learning.

And I have never broken my system changing the theme.
KDE is like M$, you have to reboot for a health system.


I don't in reality know your age @Michael2000, but I'll guess by your handle your in your early twenties. If your nick was @michael1960 I think we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

When I was younger I detested dark themes and I couldn't even imagine how anyone would want to use one. Well after many decades of computer use my eyes couldn't tolerate a light theme anymore. Dark themes are essential for older eyes, or those who spend a ton of time on their computer (devs etc). By the time you've passed your 50th birthday I think then you'll start to change your opinion, as that's when most people's vision generally starts to go downhill.

Time will tell my friend, you may be singing a completely different tune when you're older.


I turned fifty last month, my right eye is -8, and my left eye is -6. I live in Israel, the sun is constant. For more than five years now, apart from other activities, I have been checking electronic printed circuit boards for at least eight hours a day ( https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C5612AQF1kkesCSGg4A/article-inline_image-shrink_1500_2232/0/1520216744188?e=1631750400&v=beta&t=14sF215bj8KrRYDVf1kaErPGxe46HRsIi2v1c4fy66U). I compose programs for testing myself, besides, I am actively fond of photography. I also spend most of my free time at the computer. Let's not develop this topic with you anymore? Thank you.


I think the issue is that alot of monitors/screens are way brighter than they used to be when light themes was all you really had. Personally I need a dark theme one everything just so I can stand to look at it. The first thing I did with every smart phone was turn the brightness way way down. I think everyone is different. Garuda was the only distro that finding a dark theme wasn't the first thing I did.


Yes, I understand what you mean. At the same time, I find it somewhat strange that no one shares my opinion. And it's a shame that more advanced users and moderators of the group did not find the time and desire to show several screenshots with which I could solve my question. I spent today with a video manual on YouTube, and at the end I returned to the default interface settings.

I already gave the easiest method above. You didn't say whether you tried it or not, it worked or not. Instead of simply following the simplest solution you dragged the discussion to a feedback on how it should be, then got busy watching a YouTube video... :man_shrugging:


Yes, I immediately followed your advice and created a new user and got the default dark theme with neon icons. On YouTube, no luck, the team did not pass cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DQT5BUILD=ON && make && sudo make install && (kwin_x11 --replace &)

You can easily change to a light them in settings under apperance. Breeze is already installed. Just click it and apply. All done.


Thank you. Yes, I can certainly do it. The problem is that I want to keep the design elements of the developer, but in lighter shades. When I select Breeze, it breaks the lower and upper panels of the window interface, the distance between the icons, the fonts change, and the elements of some programs remain black and the text on them is not readable.

Just reboot and it works fine. I just tested it.

You get the default white KDE theme. But not a theme with design elements. I like the theme from the developer, I just don't like black. I have problems with the English language, I don't know how to explain my idea anymore.

Dude, light themes, 3-D theming and crazy icons were all the rage a few years back. Like back with SuSE prior to Plasma 4. I see that Microsoft is returning somewhat to those days of yore with their Windows 11 design.

What goes around comes around. Again and again. You're old enough to have experienced that.

It's why smart shoppers never throw away their old clothes--you never know what untold wealth your grandkids might inherit. :wink:


But at the same time, there is no reason not to add a light light theme to the distribution, since they added a black one, as many software interface developers do. Or at least post an accessible manual and templates for assembling such a theme. All themes that can be obtained from the repository are practically not applicable, I tried.

OMFG, if all you can do is whine about what you demand be there solely to suit your whims, you would be better off somewhere else in the vast Linux cosmos. Surely, somewhere they will cater to your wishes.

And it's there. It's called Breeze Light (in KDE, for example).

EDIT: My apologies for getting a bit carried away, @SGS.


There are light themes in Garuda Linux distributions.

We do not repeat what can already be found in detail on the internet.

That's only your problem, every developer themed his desktop environment how he likes.

If you don't like it you can change it, if you can't change it you take what you get.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

All said and closed.