I can't put a lighter theme, the interface breaks

I really like the latest release of Garuda, everything works great and is localized into Russian, many thanks to the developers. My personal problem is that I use this distro as a regular user, not as a gamer. I chose the shell KDE plasma and did not install games and simulators. I mainly use browser, messengers and email client. I am a grown man, I am fifty years old and it is difficult for me to work behind such a black interface. Life is not an easy thing anyway - why else blacken the computer interface? I was taught at school that the letters should be black on white paper, and it’s too late for me to retrain. All I could tweak was to change the neon icons to regular ones and turn off the browser extension that distorts web pages pervertedly. Everything else breaks the interface, increases the distance between icons, leaves black bars in applications. All the beauty of the interface is hidden quite deep inside and it is quite difficult to remake the KDE theme into a light one. Please help me with this. Ideally, I would like a light, airy style, like the default Opera browser. To me personally, the black theme frames in combination with the black background of the applications look rather gloomy and depressive. A big request to the developers, I understand that the distribution is mainly for gamers, hence for young people. But please add a light theme to the default installation. I've tried uploading other shell themes but they break the interface. I am sure that many will be grateful for the opportunity to get out of the twilight. Sorry for the automatic translation into English, I hope I could get my message across and I will be grateful for your help.
Thank you.

Use Garuda Xfce :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response. I would like to stay on the KDE Plasma shell - it attracts me with its design.

To have a light theme, just create a new user account. Simple :slight_smile:


Actually that is a good idea, though it will give you stock KDE. That might not be a bad thing in this case however! :slight_smile:
Sweet does not offer a light variant for KDE iirc which is why you should use Breeze (the stock theme) instead. Starting fresh will also get rid of the interface breaking. :slight_smile:


Ok, I will. Thanks for participating.

There are several reasons.

  1. Dark mode is comfortable to eyes, once you get used to it. Especially in dark rooms.
  2. It also helps to save power.
  3. Many programmers are used to dark IDE, so it makes sense to have everything else in dark mode too. (Though I know that not every user is programmer)

Also, you can give a try to Garuda Linux KDE Barebones edition.


That's how students write. Teachers generally write with white chalk on blackboard.


I respect your opinion, but it still looks depressing. The black color does not raise the mood, there should be a place for light in life :slight_smile: :beers:


I would say, everyone have different tastes. I like dark, you like light.

Btw, you should also try changing global themes in KDE Settings(you can install new themes very easily over there.)


Yes, I went in there and downloaded themes, but didn't get the expected effect. Sometimes everything broke, and sometimes it even doubled. In any case, it seems to me that adding another theme from the developer would be a good idea. Maybe even with a hint of Mac OS.
I will try to do something similar to this:

Make KDE Plasma look like Windows 11 - YouTubelike Windows 11

Their are plenty of good themes its up to the user to choose and fettle them or even make your own with the tools supplied in settings, spoon feeding individual user whims is not a very good idea as KDE is the most customisable of any desktop,
Why O why would anybody try to mimic Mac OS and its 1960s unix look its so dated.
I agree with other Dark themes are more easy on the eyes than hard bright themes and its not a gaming thing Even Windows and Mac now do a dark theme.


Me, too. And white chalk on blackboards?

Baloney. I just turned 69 on the 6th, but today I learned another troubleshooting technique, which I'm adding to my bag of tricks. If I can learn, so can you. No excuses. :smiley:

But I do understand. With Summer officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, a lighter theme seems to set better with me at the moment. :smiley:


Garuda is exactly like when Henry Ford began production of the Model A.

You can Get Garuda in any color you want, as long as that's black. :rofl:


Model T. Sorry. :smiley:


Damn, now I'm forgetting the alphabet already. :smiley:


I gotcha beat. I forgot my teeth the other day. They were in my wife's handbag (so I don't lose them). You should have seen the looks from other people at the Mall when I asked my wife, "Honey, are my teeth in your purse?"

True story. Dammit. :wink:


I respect your opinion, but on other operating systems, the dark theme is offered as an option, not by default and changes with one click. The MacOS interface is not outdated, it is a classic from the point of view of many users.

II study Adobe products - believe me, I also strain my head. It's just that in this case, in my opinion, what should change with one click of the mouse leaves an inexperienced user in some bewilderment and spoils the mood.

It will if you simply install a theme you like, then 'click' on it. Or build your own damn KDE Plasma with the barebones edition.

Otherwise, your whining reminds me of the fat lady re-filling her plate at the all-you-can-eat buffet. She says "the food's no good and there ain't enough of it."

:wink: :wink: :wink: