I can't open settings

My settings manager stopped opening for some reason, any idea what i can do about it?

Everytime i click on it it wont open what do i do?

Welcome! :slight_smile:
First step: open up the terminal
second step: type pamac-manager and press enter
third step: copy the output and paste it here / here in case of longer output.


Are we to assume you are using GNOME? If so, which "settings manager" are you referring to?

The guidance about posting terminal output is valid, but it needs to match with the specific program you're trying to run, and we can't guess what that is.

Things don't break for no reason, so you must have done something. For example, did you recently install some software but not update the rest of the system, or did you decide to add gnome-staging to your repo list to try out GNOME 40 despite it still being very untested?


Actually there were a few updates, and it stopped opening after i changed my user image, and yes it is GNOME. The settings manager wont open and things like the WiFi settings or bluetooth settings also wont open.

I am able to open Tweaks and other apps like the files app, but everytime i open the settings app it shows up on the hotbar as loading but then doesnt load.

It opened the Add app/ Remove app Software and did nothing after that

Okay i went to my snapshot that i had after my first installation, and i am upgrading to Ultimate since it asked me to. i put 'y' for everything it asked not sure if that would be the cause for the issues, Ill come back here if i come across the issue again