I cannot install Libreoffice on Garuda

Good evening,

I’m trying to install Libreoffice but I’m struggling!! Can please someone help me out??
I read a little bit on the forum and tried this commands:
sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys
sudo pacman -Sy blackarch-keyring

I also checked on archlinux.org the correct name of the package, but I still have same error as below

─stefano@stefano in ~/Downloads/LibreOffice_7.6.3.2_Linux_x86-64_rpm as :mage: took 6s
[:red_circle:] × sudo pacman -S libreoffice-fresh
error: blackarch: signature from “Levon ‘noptrix’ Kayan (BlackArch Developer) [email protected]” is unknown trust
error: database ‘blackarch’ is not valid (invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature))

Thank you a lot

Apparently I cannot install any package… I got always this error…

thank you

We are missing your garuda-inxi.
Why you installed blackarch?
Edit the pacman.conf or wait until the BlackArch Developer fix it.


from my experience with mixing repos of different distros
often goes wrong,
also if one decides keeping the alien entry in pacman.conf
the entry position is also to be taken care of, right ?

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Thank you very much I solved the issues!! I’m sorry to say I didn’t installed it willingly, maybe when i add more server in the mirrorlist?
I try to look on the pacman.log file but couldn’t find it… I’m not even sure is the right place to kook either…
Thanks again for your help! :smile:

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Your post makes no sense.

And where’s your ‘garuda-inxi’ output?

How do you expect us to help you if you won’t follow the rules?


@installation there is a hook where you include penetration tools, that was the source I guess.
Once I took Garuda’s chaotic-aur repo in addition to EndeavourOs own repos. And there was a major dependency problem, so I had to remove most of
the chaotic-aur software to gain back update readyness. From there on I skip alien repos.


He said pacman.conf not pacman.log.

/etc/pacman.conf = configuration for the package manager, including which repositories are available to install packages from.
/var/log/pacman.log log file that records package manager operations (packages that were installed/updated/removed).

We very much appreciate when problems (and solutions) are reported clearly.
Like, “I solved the issues”… good for you, but for the next guy reading?
It leaves too much to be guessed: did you solve it by disabling the BlackArch servers, or did it fix itself when the servers finally caught up with the updated signature, or?


I’m sorry if I created confusion! I solved the issue by commented the " # blackarch server" in the pacman.conf file
Since I didn’t know how it was installed/included in the first place inside the pacman.conf file (I did not installed it willingly) I wanted to see if there was any log saying when it was installed/included. Thank you for your help


well I’m sorry it does not make sense to you, thankfully it did to SGS and I solve the issues. I apologize to not post ‘garuda-inxi’ info to help you better understand the problem, I will next time! Thank you for your help

I recall BlackArch is/was an option during setup (as @ycom1 said), I could not find it again and I think it was removed from the GUI tool some time ago.
I guess that is how it was activated in the first place.
No problem and happy weekend. :wink:


Thank you very much have a good weekend as well


BlackArch can be selected for the Xfce version.

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