I am me, a human being

I greatly appreciate the positive consciousness and all of the free will exercised to manifest the best arch distro that there is, hands down! Doing good for others to make their lives better in turn makes your life better and I think the FOSS communities get this! You are beautiful human beings!

I've been using GNU+Linux for about 4 years now. I do macOS tech support for a living and it's a living nightmare! I am a coffee master (if you want I'll give you my 9 rules for perfect coffee), cannabis farmer (into all medicinal herbs), and I think RimWorld is the best video game ever created. I am the popper of bubbles (people's false beliefs).

I look forward to getting this distro into as many hands as possible via free, old laptops.

The future is open, the future is free.


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Wow how bad does macOS tech support get? I don't have experience with macOS but I'm assuming it's a lot of, "uhhh wait for Apple to fix it"?

Also yes, please share your coffee rules! We're all learning a different operating system, what's the harm in learning how to make a ripper of a coffee, right? :blush:


Hello and welcome on this forum :smiley:

pretty interesting, especially:


Have fun o/


9 rules for perfect coffee:

  1. Organic or poisonous pesticide free beans; Farmer friendly is good.
  2. Purified water! Reverse osmosis filtered, distilled, aquafer, good quality ground water (note that high mineral content can cause stalls in vacuum pot).
  3. Roasted within 2 weeks; You can roast at home. Let it rest for at least 1 day, 2-7 days to reach peak flavor. Use different roasting methods (hot air vs hot surface, ie. popcorn popper vs whirly pop) for different processed beans (wet vs dry/giling basah/monsooned/aged/robusta respectfully) and to suit to your preferred flavor.
  4. Ground using a good quality low RPM conical burr grinder. Do a Fine-Medium Fine grind for vacuum with glass filter rod.
  5. Ground just minutes before brewing.
  6. Vacuum/Siphon brewer.
  7. All glass brewer (Glass filter rod).
  8. Water temperature between 198˚F-203˚F in contact with the coffee for 4 minutes. Optimal: 201˚F-Dark Roast, 202˚F-Medium Roast, 203˚F-Light Roast.
  9. Properly brewed (full pot); Setup a digital thermometer so you can measure the temperature in the lower and upper pots*. Use a medium-fine grind. Wait for the water to reach 192-200˚F (depending on how hot your heat source is, calabrate as needed) before placing top chamber on, as water begins to move up wet grounds by pushing down on them with little agitation, turn heat down/off as to not let the water go above 203˚F** and rise gently. Once it's gurgling give it 6-8 stirs. Apply heat/remove from heat to maintain optimum temperature. Gurgling the upper pot [rumble the funnel] helps with faster extraction times by preventing stalls. Once the coffee has started to go back down in full force (the tube is filled horizontally) rock the glass filter back, then forward [prod the rod] to release the trapped powder***. Once half of the water has gone back down I GENTLY stir the SURFACE of the coffee to get the crema dissolved into the liquid so it passes the grounds.

*I drilled a hole through the lid on my Yama pot and stuck the thermometer through it.
**You have to try other initial temperatures depending on the heat source's output and/or turn off the heat sooner.
***The Cory rod will always be resting to one side. You can see this by where the bottom of the filter stem rests against the tube.


Wow, I don't even have all that equipment. Your coffee methods are truly next level! :exploding_head:
Thanks for sharing! I'll keep this saved in case I run into any coffee aficionados in the future, hehe :3

Thirty minutes later when my coffee isn't done yet:

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Welcome to Garuda. I like your energy, it makes me less jittery. :vulcan_salute:


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