I am finally done distro hopping

I have been a Windows user for over 30 years and have used MacOS every once in a while. I recently retired from a technical job and to stay busy during the pandemic, I decided to learn Linux. I have played before with Debian based distros like Ubuntu, but nothing serious. Over the last couple of months I tried Ubuntu, Deepin, UbuntuDDE, Linux Mint, and Manjaro. Ubuntu felt bloated, Deepin was beautiful but could not trust it, UbuntuDDE was buggy on my system, Linux Mint Cinnamon was rock solid but boring, and I thought I was finally done when I found Manjaro KDE. Manjaro was my first time using Arch base Linux and I loved it. I used it daily for the last month and I thought I was done distro hopping, until I found Garuda KDE Dr460nized. Congratulations to the Garuda team for putting together a fantastic distro. Garuda is all I loved in Manjaro and more. I am a Linux newbie and still learning, but I found home and I am not going anywhere else.


Welcome to the forum and the distro. :wave: I can only agree! :grin:


Dang Carlos you pretty much just told my story also. Ive tried a BUNCH of distros with Manjaro being my last. I also liked the Arch based system. Ive played with Kali and Parrot also. But I also thought I had landed when i found Manjaro...........then Garuda came along lol, The Dragonized version is absolutely the most beautiful distro Ive seen yet, and I had my Manjaro customized up pretty good. I havent changed one setting on Garuda its so beautiful. Plus it has some defaults I always wanted to try on Manajaro but was to chicken, like BTRFS. Anyways, great job Gauruda TEAM. Oh and Libre Wolf built in!!! Big bonus there imo.


I totally agree with not touching the theming of the desktop on the Dr460ized edition!

Lots of people love to "rice" their desktops.

I don't really want to waste hours of my time "ricing," when the Dra460ized version does more than I could ever do.

While I do make some minor customizations, I don't like starting from scratch on my desktop. I'd rather use and appreciate the work of someone who does like starting from scratch, developing theming, etc. (namely @dr460nf1r3)

Also, welcome to the forum @carloss66!


Nice story. Thanks for sharing & welcome ... to the jungle.


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Welcome to Garuda!

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I've been distro hopping for quite some time... and I must say the only other distro I use now is AV Linux, if I learned how to meld the two together, I'd probably never hop again... only one even close to as nicely themed as dr460n1zed is neptune, but definitely like this better by far... anyways, hello all, happy flying!



No promotion for other Distro's, please :wink: