Hurray for the latest Plasma update!

Alright, I'll admit it, I updated a little late (and I call myself a roling-release-distro-user, hu), but I just couldn't be more happy with the latest Plasma release!! I had to do a post about it \o/

Idk how many users of plasma are there in this community, but I just wanna ask, what was your favourite new thing on the 25th anniversary release?

For me - apart from the major update in performance and on the animations - it was totally the new Night Colors. I was E---A--GER to have this feature on my fav desktop (Kwin btw) and now it's here, and it's awesome!!


Scratch awesome for Night Colors, I just didn't tweak with them enough: it's plainly perfect * __ * the 1k temperature is so darn low I can't even recognize my apps from pure redness xD

I love being able to use the sweet color scheme but with different accent colors... I only wish they let you choose a custom one, the default ones are slightly too pastel for me. I also think everything feels snappier and more integrated with this update, not sure why it just does

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Not so fast there bud on the kudos for the KDE devs. There was a bug introduced that for some changes a application from opening on the desktop it was assigned to to opening on all desktops. There was also a bug introduced for some where you can't rightclick items on the desktop and delete them. Luckily there are already bug reports created for each of these.

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The performance for me was the chery of this update.


On the performance side, I was having a ton of problems opening Vivaldi (partially my fault because I shoved a ■■■■■■■ ton of images on my speed dial folders) but with this update it opens as quick as I didn't have any image at all to load.

On the bugs side, that's the fun of being in a rolling release distro xD but they already released two bug patches and I'm sure they won't let it go down the flush of the toilet.