Howdy from Southern Africa

Hey all

As a person who has worked and used both Windows, macOS and Linux. I previously tried Garuda then moved on back to Fedora.

This week I thought I miss my Arch roots but wasnt in the mood to install vanilla Arch.

All I can say is WOW. Great work to the team, highly stable, visually great, close enough to Arch so I can use existing knowledge/documentation.

Community has grown and is friendly. Looking forward to staying around and using this OS.


Hi and



Glad to see I'm not alone.

Welcome to the forums.

I'm hauling from the Strand, Western Cape Province.

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welcome soldier.

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Hey great to meet you!

I'm in Tableview, so great to see South Africans using Arch based distros let alone using Garuda!

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That's a cool story!

Hello and welcome to the Garuda Community :+1:t2:

Bruce :shark:


Yeah, I've only been using Garuda for a few days now.

I'm glad to be here.