How to uninstall KDE Dr460nized and install XFCE instead?

The KDE version of Garuda is too unstable for my taste, so I want to try XFCE instead. Which packages/files do I need to remove and which packages do I install for XFCE (I'm assuming that there are Garuda specific packages for the theming of XFCE)?

Ok, taste differ.

Best way I know is backup your important file and install last Garuda Xfce.

On long distance it will be more unstable like your actually KDE :smiley:

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Yep, trying to install a desktop on a version that already has another desktop is basically a lost cause. It very rarely works and most things are broken.

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It worked mot me Mate to Budgie but w/ KDE it might be more difficult because w/ the apps etc.

It's not impossible, it's just problematic for the inexperienced. If you need to ask how to do this, you're probably not experienced enough to pull it off successfully.

BTW, this is neither advisable, recommended, nor supported by Garuda. If you want to do stuff like this with your system feel free to tinker to your hearts content, just don't expect support on the forum if you do stuff like this.


It is easier, quicker and less problematic, to backup what you need and reinstall the flavour you wish.