How to totally remove garuda distro from system

Hello there team of garuda linux

Appreciate your work for fantastic, smooth linux distro that i ever dreamt of. I dual boote6 Garuda Gnome on my UEFI system few days ago and enjoying it very much. Specially blender on Linux is 49% faster on Linux. And apparently I'm out of space. At time of installation i gave 50GB from my ssd. I want to reinstall garuda with higher space than before but without getting rid of windows (because some of the program are not available for linux). The way i know to remove linux is deleting /,swap,boot partition using windows disk management software. And then deleting director of linux using diskpart in terminal. But it end with grub error stating some sorf of no partition error.

Anyway i just wanted to know how can i remove linux from my system completely without any error like i got it for 1st boot on my windows considering that i don't want any dual boot.

I think you will need windows bootable disk to repair windows bootloader.

After you remove garuda or any linux system

If i don't to remove my preinstalled official windows then is there any way to get rid of linux with clean boot.

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