How to stop an app like masterpdf 5 from connecting to internet

Can someone help in blocking internet access to an app (masterpdf editor 5)?
I am not familiar as how to block in linux
in windows i go to firewall and block it
Thanks in advance

Have you ever hear of a little file called the "hosts" file. This file is also present in Windows and can be used to block IP addresses that you don't want accessed.


There are many comments about this application in the AUR. Why not read them and help yourself?


i don't know the ip address to block that's why asking :frowning:
i am searching for a gui based firewall which allows to block apps instead of ip address
since i was unable to find the solution that's why asked since u guys have experience :slight_smile:

However, if you are using this as a method to circumvent paying software developers for a pro version we do not want requests for such info posted on our forum.

This is not Windows, and requests for info on cracking, or defeating software registration requirements are not appreciated on the Garuda forum.

I suggest you search for this information elsewhere. It's pretty elementary stuff, but we don't promote this on our forum.


ok :slight_smile:

OpenSnitch lets you chose which apps can connect to a network (by default it blocks every app that tries to connect to any network for the first time).

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