How to start a service in Garuda Linux


Hi, i would like to know how to start a service. systemctl enable servicename.service

I'm installing SapphireIMS Agent which is not getting started. Please suggest

Configuration file not present. Proceeding with normal installation
INFO: Checking for SapphireIMS agent prerequisites.
INFO: Currently installed Python version is 3.10
INFO: Prerequisites checking completed.
:6: DeprecationWarning: distro.linux_distribution() is deprecated. It should only be used as a compatibility shim with Python's platform.linux_distribution(). Please use, distro.version() and instead.
INFO: OS distribution: GARUDA LINUX
INFO: -sudo -install -loc /opt -server -port 443 -ssl 1 -username sapphire -password ims -siteid 43 -customername DNC
INFO: User trying to install with -sudo; sudoer file path: /bin/sudo
INFO: Proxy ipaddress is empty, so skipping the proxydetails.
INFO: Processing the SapphireIMS agent installation ...
INFO: Creating the SapphireIMS agent folder: /opt
INFO: Performing the script unzip for LINUX platform.
INFO: SapphireIMS agent installation is proceeding for python3.
INFO: Compiling the files in the path: /opt
INFO: Deleting the py files ...
INFO: Processing the SapphireIMS agent installation.
INFO: Updating the server details into config file.
INFO: Adding the system startup links as OS is: GARUDA LINUX
INFO: Creating the SapphireIMS database ...
INFO: Database created successfully.
INFO: Copying the installer files to software_repository directory.
INFO: Adding the SapphireIMS cron job ...
INFO: Cronjob added successfully.
INFO: Attempting to start the SapphireIMS agent....

This enables but does not start the service. Read this wiki page for full information about how to use systemctl:

The "Using units" table will be of specific interest.