How to solve double windows button of any browser in Dragonized edition?

@sanky sorry for the delay, it took some digging.

It turns out there most probably is a bug upstream of Firedragon. The funny part is you are not experiencing the bug, I was! (and some others are too)

For more detailed info, plz have a read here Window Buttons inside TABBAR disappear on launch or don't follow GTK Theme (in Plasma DE) (#106) · Issues · LibreWolf / Browser / Arch · GitLab

This possible bug does not solve your problem per se.
Let’s go back to it:

Strictly focusing on this, I have already responded with a workaround and you also know KDE Lite is free from this issue.
Let me explain a little bit more so you can better decide what to do:

This “issue” you are facing is by design.
What makes the Window Buttons display in a maximized window in Dr460nized is the WindowButtons applet. This applet recognizes a maximized window and automatically displays the buttons in the Top Panel, as if the TITLE BAR was integrated with the Top Panel.
To work at its best, this feature must be used in conjunction with


in order to prevent having double Window Buttons.
If you have a Title Bar on maximized windows, you will have double window buttons.
If you don’t have a Title Bar, only the applet will display the buttons. This is what the above code does.

However, by default Firedragon loads without a Title Bar and uses Firefox’s method of displaying the Window Buttons inside the TAB BAR. The Tab Bar is not recognized by WindowButtons applet so when the window is maximized it displays the buttons as it should and cannot remove them from the Tab Bar. Since there is also a set of buttons inside the Tab Bar, you get double sets.

In your situation, if you want to keep Dr460nized, you would have to simply remove Window Buttons applet and apply


in $HOME/.config/kwinrc

If you do so, you will have a title bar on every app when maximized, but only 1 window button set.
The other workaround is to use the Title Bar feature within Firedragon as explained in previous posts, which moves the window buttons from the Tab Bar to the Title Bar.

Why you don’t have the issue in KDE Lite? It’s not using Window Buttons applet! :smiley:

Hope that helps better understand, this situation turned out to be quite a mouthful but thanks for posting the question, it helped trying to fix something else, even though it doesn’t 100% fix your original issue.