How to set Pam.d with faillock interval time?

I would like to have confirm where the setting for the pam.d login, as the go.
I do see in /etc/security/faillock.conf there is a set of deny at 10. In the only calling file as : /etc/pam.d/system-auth , i see the preauth and authfail line of faillock usual line, but no option set. Can i just add the option there in order to get a proper : unlock_time=120 root_unlock_time=120 fail_interval=160 ?

And i guess, i just remove the deny=10 and put as a proper option in system-auth..

Also on centos and ubu, it's a dual file as /etc/pam.d/common-auth & common-account and system-auth & password-auth , so is on Garuda it's only in 1 file ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, this is more of an Arch-related question, it's not a Garuda-specific configuration.
So, I think you might find these links helpful:


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