How to separate / from /home

Hi everybody, I installed Garuda since some time now and now I have / and /home in a single partition.
I'd like to separate these two and I think i need to backup one of them and to mount it in a different partition (?). I'm asking because I'm not so confident with this idea.

sudo btrfs subvolume list /

"A btrfs subvolume is not a block device (and cannot be treated as one) instead, a btrfs subvolume can be thought of as a POSIX file namespace. This namespace can be accessed via the top-level subvolume of the filesystem, or it can be mounted in its own right." [5]

Each Btrfs file system has a top-level subvolume with ID 5. It can be mounted as / (by default), or another subvolume can be mounted instead. Subvolumes can be moved around in the filesystem and are rather identified by their id than their path.

See the following links for more details:

Btrfs Wiki SysadminGuide#Subvolumes
Btrfs Wiki Getting started#Basic Filesystem Commands
Btrfs Wiki Trees

Creating a subvolume

To create a subvolume:

btrfs subvolume create /path/to/subvolume

Listing subvolumes

To see a list of current subvolumes and their ids under path:

btrfs subvolume list -p path

Deleting a subvolume

To delete a subvolume:

btrfs subvolume delete /path/to/subvolume

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