How to save/have files and folders on desktop?


I want to be able to save downloaded files on the desktop and from there move them to specific folders that I want!

is that possible?

I used flameshot to capture a screenshot and save it to the desktop. It has inside the desktop folder in files, but not on the actual desktop! The same goes for files downloaded using my browser!

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Short answer: no. GNOME does not have a "desktop".

Longer answer: an extension might work if/when it is updated, e.g. Desktop Icons - GNOME Shell Extensions


I think it is a GNOME feature. Nothing on desktop aloud.

Set path in flameshot settings.

Set path or let ask for path for each file.



Sorry! tried google but most of the answers were related to Ubuntu! I thought there might be some differences since it's Debian and garuda is arch, so thought of sharing it on the forum!!

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