How to reset user profile setting to default

How to reset a user profile to default setting?

I had installed couple of applications and uninstalled it e.g. install and uninstall VS Code from application store and then installed Chromium browser. After that i shutdown and when logging into the user the desktop is opening in a strange manner.
If i login using guest user its opening fine. I tried all the snapshots and found same behavior in every snapshot.

OS- Garuda linux KDE plasma multimedia edition Hawk Eagle

Open Garuda-setup-assistant and restore defaults button.


Thank you that solution helped me but it did not solve the problem completely. There is one more issue, The application name and the options are not properly aligned on the tool bar

Also, the theme and color everything has changed

To fully reset your user profile:

  1. Log out
  2. Switch to a TTY
  3. sudo mv /home/$USER /home/$USER.bak
  4. sudo mkdir /home/$USER
  5. sudo chown $USER: /home/$USER
  6. Log out
  7. Switch back to the display manager
  8. Log in
  9. Copy any files you want back from /home/$USER.bak

will it work if the user is default administrator user?

I tried the above solution but it didn't worked as expected. It changes UI totally

Im new to garuda and have the guest mode disabled: Question: Is the guest home created on the fly or once on os install? The answer might shed some more tiny light on the OPs problem.

I did a fresh install and then did the system update switch to ultimate edition and install some packages from the options and after restarting i see the same issue. So i can say Garuda update or Ultimate edition setup is broken and not working correctly

Maybe do one thing at a time to find out what causes the issue, rather than combining a load of changes all at once?


In the screenshot it seems to me, that there is a splitter element in the wrong place in the panel. Try right click panel, edit panel and move the splitter between the menu and the network up/down widget.

I had the same problem. Check this post for the fix.