How to override system partition with new installation?

can you send the output of

sudo findmnt --verify

and also check if

ls /oldHome

returns an error, if it exists then it should be empty and not return anything.

/oldHome is empty

sudo findmnt --verify returns:

Success, no errors or warnings detected

Is this with the line added at the end of fstab?


[W] your fstab has been modified, but systemd still uses the old version;
use 'systemctl daemon-reload' to reload

0 parse errors, 0 errors, 1 warning

Do this and then the findmnt command again.

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Yeah just realized I can not read, now it shows no errors again.

That’s strange it can’t mount yet won’t give us a proper reason.

In that case, try going with this first option here and remove the line we added at the bottom of fstab. Just keep an live iso usb at hand in case you need to revert using chroot. It’s not difficult.

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Instead of chroot, the emergency mode works as well right?
Btw I havn't even figured out what chroot is till now, just used emergency/recovery mode instead of it.

It said

[FAILED] Failed to mount /home
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Local File Systems


I hope so.

Chroot does one thing—run a command with a different root directory. The command being run has no idea that anything outside of its jail exists, as it doesn’t have any links to it, and as far as it’s aware, is running on the root filesystem anyway. There’s nothing above root, so the command can’t access anything else.

You use the live USB, the one you used to install garuda and mount the installed garuda partition in this jailed environment and login inside it as root and perform maintenance as root user of this system from a terminal.

It’s very easy infact when you boot into your live USB you get a welcome screen where one of the options read chroot. Entering chroot is as easy as clicking on it.


Then let's undo the changes and wait for the more experienced members to comment. :sweat: Sorry, I can't figure out why it's refusing to mount here.

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Oh nice to know thx, but for now the emergency mode was enough to revert the changes.

Thank you a lot for your help and the time you invested anyway :slight_smile:

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