How to open garuda linux in text console?

I asked question about garuda linux not booting i got a answer and it said to open garuda into text console by pressing ctrl + alt + F2

But how to open garuda in text console? What are the steps?

I tried to press ctrl + alt + F2 when garuda logo appeared but nothing happend the logo still continues to load

i tried to pressing ctrl + alt + F2 in boot menu

But when i press ESC a command line interface appear but there is no prompt to enter username and password and sudo command does not work in that commadline

please help with this problem . How to boot in garuda linux text console.

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I think you should add 3 as last boot parameter at grub: select your line in the grub menu, press button E and add 3 at the end of the line starting with linux, so you will boot to TTY.