How to move battery/connection top panel buttons to bottom panel?

I am using Garuda MATE. My main goal is to have more screen space by having one panel, not two mostly empty panels.

I’ve put buttons on the bottom panel already:


However, the battery and wifi panels seem to be not re-creatable.

What should I try?

I am not using mate so take my words with a grain of salt. Shouldn’t things like wifi, notif, battery be bundled in a widget called systray (that’s what it’s called on kde and hyprland) so having the systray on the bottom should work. Or you can download a standalone widget for wifi and put it on bottom.

I don’t have an option called anything like systray, but I did find a work around. I added the workspace switcher and window list panel items to the top panel, deleted the bottom panel, then moved the top panel to the bottom.

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