How to make a linux distro fork from garuda linux

i want to make a custom linux distro from garuda linux
i got all packages installed but having trouble making a iso/img file from the os

so my doubt is how you people at garuda linux make a iso file

All of the necessary packages are in the repos, and all of the necessary profiles are on GitLab.

However, given you want to fork Garuda, I don't think anyone here is going to spend the time walking you through this. The developers have put in a lot of time and effort creating something that's pretty unique, so having someone come along and ask for a guide for how to take all of that work for themselves is just a little bit rude.


ok then i will use arch linux as the base.
but what program should i use then I.
I will not use garuda i promise that

Start here:


thanks for your help

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